Non-NHS Services

Private Services and Fees

The National Health Service provides most health care to most people free of charge, but there are exceptions: prescription charges have existed since 1951 and there are a number of other services for which fees are charged. Sometimes the charge is made to cover some of the cost of treatment, for example, dental fees; in other cases, it is because the service is not covered by the NHS, for example: producing medical reports for insurance companies.

Our list of non NHS fees is as follows:

Adoption Report                                    £98.00

Childminder Health Form                              £105.00

COP3 DV Assessment                                  £156.00

In House appointment                              £ 96.00

Driving Licence Photo Countersignature    £ 30.00

Employment Reports                                  £180.00

Fitness to Fly/Drive                                £ 36.00

Fitness to Attend Health Clubs                    £ 36.00

Holiday Cancellation Certificate                  £ 36.00

Insurance Reports                                    £125.00

Supplementary Insurance Reports              £ 36.00

Medical Report for Solicitors (per hour)*    £360.00*

Medical report for Firearm Certificate £150.00

Passport Photo Countersignature               £ 30.00

Private Sick Note                                    £ 19.00

Simple Certificates                                  £ 19.00

Taxi/HGV Medical                                    £150.00

To Whom It May Concern TWMC               £18-£36